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University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee is charged with providing oversight and assistance to academic units in regards to all assessment-­related activities on campus and works to promote an integrated culture of meaningful assessment, consistent with TCU’s mission. The purpose of assessment in the academic programs at TCU is to identify student learning outcomes for each academic program, assess the level to which we achieve these outcomes, and to improve programs based on the findings and analysis of the results.

The committee is composed of faculty, administrators, and staff who are knowledgeable about the fundamental importance of assessment and the types of assessment processes that can facilitate appropriate decision-­making to improve student learning, both directly and indirectly. The committee also understands the important role both instructional and non-­instructional units have in improving student learning for the constituents that the university serves and works towards engaging all relevant campus entities in assessment activities towards that end. This committee is convened and led by the Director of Institutional Effectiveness to support meaningful assessment in alignment with SACSCOC and to build a culture of assessment across academic affairs.

The University Assessment Committee meets at least monthly during the regular academic year and during the summer when necessary and engages in the following activities:

  1. Offers consultation to units and/or departments upon request. Consultation can involve providing information on assessment processes, gathering assessment evidence, engaging faculty and/or staff in assessment decision-making.
  2. Facilitates Assessment Ambassador & Dean meeting each semester for the purpose of:
    • Disseminating updated information regarding assessment planning/reporting guidelines, forms, submission processes, timelines, process when dropping programs or changing program names, etc.
    • Discussion of annual program audit to include identification of program director for each program, number of students, accuracy of CIP codes, accurate program list, accuracy and currency of information in WEAVE, etc.
    • Assessment of inactive programs (informed by query of students in each program); evaluation of need to drop programs that don’t anticipate future students; promotion of awareness of add/drop programs and the Substantive Change process
  3. Provides peer reviews and approval of Student Learning Outcomes developed by each unit in order to assess their feasibility and consistency with University-wide evaluation.
  4. Peer Reviews all submitted annual assessment plans to assist academic and non-instructional units with improving reporting content.
  5. Reviews assessment plans for all requests to add programs, in advance of review by University and Graduate Councils.
  6. Supports Office of Institutional Effectiveness to collect and aggregate, annually, all assessment plans, reports, and other related documents for the purpose of record keeping and providing documentation for future accrediting visits.
  7. Recommends systems to ensure reports and documentation are in place for all Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements.


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