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Program Review

In accordance with the Program Review Policy, the Program Review Guidelines details the review process that occurs at least once every ten years for each academic program. The Program Review Schedule offers a year-by-year timeline for each program review within the department. This review takes approximately 12 months to complete and includes time for the program to complete a Self-Study DocumentExternal Review Team Report, and Department and College Response. The Program Review Timeline details this process.

Program Review Timeline 


February 1: The Office of Institutional Effectiveness informs departments of program review.

March 15: Programs that undergo specialized accreditation must contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to submit their external accreditation materials as partial or complete fulfillment of the Self-Study Document and/or External Review Team Report.

September 15: Department/program submits Self-Study Document to the department chair, dean, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, and External Review Team.

  • Within two months, the department/program schedules and completes an external program review by an External Review Team. If requested, the External Review Team may schedule a “report out” meeting with the college/school dean.

December 15: The External Review Team submits the External Review Team Report, including a completed rubric, to the program director, department chair, and dean.


February 1: The program and department chair submit the Department and College Response to the college dean.

March 15: Department/program submit all materials–Self-Study Document, External Reviewer Feedback, and Department and College Response–to the Office of the Provost via the Director of Institutional Effectiveness. In addition, graduate programs should send a copy to the Dean of Graduate Studies.


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Academic Program Review Dashboard

To access the Academic Program Review Dashboard, click here or use the following directions in the page: Resources → Data Analytics-Tableau login required → Frog Facts Data Analytics Login.

  • Login must happen on a computer connected to the TCU network on campus or via VPN.
  • The username and password remain the same as those used to login to campus computers.

For inquiries on any of these matters, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.