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University Assessment Committee

The Charge of the Committee is to:

  • Consult on assessment processes, gather assessment evidence, and engage faculty and staff in assessment decision-making.
  • Assess ambassador and dean meetings each semester to:
    • Provide up-to-date assessment planning/reporting guidelines, forms, submission processes, timelines, and the process for dropping programs or changing program names.
    • Discuss annual program audit to identify program director, number of students, accuracy of CIP codes, accurate program list and accuracy of information
    • Assess inactive programs (informed by query of students); evaluate the need to drop programs that don’t anticipate future students; promote awareness of add/drop programs and the Substantive Change process.
  • Evaluate peer reviews and approve Student Learning Outcomes to assess feasibility and consistency with University-wide evaluation.
  • Review annual assessment plans to assist with improving reporting content, including requests to add programs, in advance of review by University and Graduate Councils.
  • Support the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to annually collect and aggregate assessment plans, reports and related documents for record-keeping and documentation for future accrediting visits.
  • Recommend systems to ensure reports and documentation are in place for all Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards and Federal Requirements.

University Assessment Committee Meetings

University Assessment Committee (UAC) meetings will take place in the Rees-Jones Hall Incubator Lab at 2 pm with Zoom availability.

  • TBD

UAC Chair: David E. Allen, PhD., Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

UAC Committee Members:

Office of the Provost – Jon McGuire

Addran College of Liberal Arts – Eric Cox

Bob Schieffer College of Communication – Julie O’Neil

Burnett School of Medicine – TBD

College of Education – Cindy Savage

College of Fine Arts – Janace Bubonia

Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Lynn Flahive

Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Suzy Lockwood

John V. Roach Honors College – Stacy Landreth Grau

Neeley School of Business – Nishala Silva

Assessment Ambassadors:

College of Education – Heather Doyle

College of Fine Arts – TBD

College of Fine Arts – TBD

College of Fine Arts – Leslie Browning-Samoni

College of Fine Arts – Michael Skinner

College of Science and Engineering – Timothy Barth

Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Linda Humphrey

TCU College of Education – Ashley Tull

Bob Schieffer College of Communication – Uche Onyebadi

Ex-Officio Members:

Director of the Core Curriculum, Theresa Gaul

Chair of the Undergraduate Council, Cindy Savage

Chair of the Graduate Council, Floyd Wormely

Director of Institutional Research, Laurie Harris

Chair of Faculty Senate, Omar Harvey

Vice Provost of Undergraduate Affairs – Reginald Wilburn


  • University Assessment Committee Meeting: Sep 15
  • University Assessment Committee Meeting: Oct 13
  • University Assessment Committee Meeting: Nov 10
  • SACS Staff On-site Advisory Visit: Nov 14 – 15
  • University Assessment Committee Meeting: Dec 8


  • Weave Interaction: Jan 9 – 13
  • CY 2022 Reports are due: Jan 17
    • They will not be included in the focus report given to the offsite
  • AA Review: Jan 18 – Feb 7
    • 2 weeks for AA review
    • 1 week for programs to make changes
  • UAC Review: Feb 8 – 28
    • 2 weeks for UAC Review
    • Extra buffer week for programs to make additional changes or meet with AAs or OIE
  • Final Date to fix all 1s: Mar 3
  • SACS On-site Committee will be on campus: Mar 6 – 9
  • Transition to AEFIS: Early Spring

Click here to download the 2022-2023 Timeline