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New Programs

New programs establish student learning outcomes, course requirements, and plans of study. The SLO assessment plan and three-year assessment plan contribute to these ongoing efforts by providing documents to demonstrate evidence of learning to internal and external entities.

After approval by the Undergraduate or Graduate Council, the University Assessment Committee will review and approve these assessment plans prior to approval from University Council.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan

The assessment plan documents student learning outcomes and assessment plans for new undergraduate program, graduate program, certificate program, minor, and distance education program (online-modality only).

SLO Assessment Plan

Three-year Assessment Plan & Curriculum Map

The three-year plan documents the 2023-2026 cycle to assess each student learning outcome. New programs must complete the embedded curriculum map.

Three-year Assessment Plan

Submit Plans

Please send the required curriculum plan, embedded in the three-year assessment, and any questions to David Allen at and Jon McGuire at (Please use the following naming conventions: BSBiology_SLO_Assessment_Plan and BSBiology_Three-year_Assessment_Plan.)