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Assessment Process & Timeline

Assessment Process

Step 1: State your programs goal or mission.
Step 2: Identify measurable outcomes that are tied to Student Learning Outcomes and incorporate them into your assessment plans.
Step 3: Describe your data collection methodology including the measure you will use.
Step 4: Identify your target level of proficiency for student learning.

Assessment Timeline 


University Assessment Committee Meeting: Sep 15

University Assessment Committee Meeting: Oct 13

University Assessment Committee Meeting: Nov 10

SACS Staff On-site Advisory Visit: Nov 14 – 15

University Assessment Committee Meeting: Dec 8



Weave Interaction: Jan 9 – 13

CY 2022 Reports are due: Jan 17

    • They will not be included in the focus report given to the offsite

AA Review: Jan 18 – Feb 7

    • 2 weeks for AA review (January 18 – February 7)
    • 1 week for programs to make changes

UAC Review: Feb 8 – 28

    • 2 weeks for UAC Review
    • Extra buffer week for programs to make additional changes or meet with AAs or OIE

Final Date to fix all 1s: Mar 3

SACS On-site Committee will be on campus: Mar 6 – 9

Transition to AEFIS: Early Spring

Click here to download the 2022-2023 Timeline